Responsible Mining

To us, responsible mining is not an oxymoron

At mg游戏手机App, responsible mining is not an oxymoron; it has been a duty and commitment since we started.

We are a principled and ethical company, trying our best to be good neighbours.

Since day one, we made a commitment to our people, to our community, and to the environment.

Yes, we are passionate about gold and discovery.

Yes, we are in pursuit of profit for our shareholders.

But these motivations run parallel with our duty and responsibility to our people (safety, training, culture, good salaries and benefits for over 300 workers), our community (strong sustainable economic benefits, community development, and agreements with First Nations), and the environment (meeting and/or exceeding modern environmental and engineering standards, protection of wildlife, lands, and waters, and progressive closure and reclamation of surface disturbances – including legacy disturbances by previous operators).

Two more things.

First, our footprint. Since this is an underground mine, less than five percent of our 47 km2 of land will have surface disturbances; these sites will be remediated and returned to a natural environment.

Second, air quality. Since Day One, our plan has been to transition to electrically-powered (vs. diesel- or gasoline-powered) vehicles underground, in order to protect air quality for the benefit of our people and the environment.


mg游戏手机App is an industry leader in mitigating environmental impacts in both exploration for and extraction of mineral resources.

Sustainability at our mg游戏手机App Mine has been an overriding priority since the earliest days of development and exploration of our deposit. Our team shares this deep commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

mg游戏手机App is working with our local communities, including Wabauskang First Nation and Lac Seul First Nation, and meeting the challenges of opening a new gold mine in the footprint of a historical gold mine built in the 1930s.

Our comprehensive mine operations and closure plan is designed not only to meet – and exceed – modern environmental and engineering standards, but to actively improve the legacy site. This plan includes the introduction of detoxification, water treatment, and material harvesting – as well as progressive closure and reclamation of the natural environment.

At the end of mine life, all surface disturbances will be reclaimed, including impacts from past mining operations left behind by predecessor companies.

We aim to mitigate potential environmental impacts through every step in the development of the mg游戏手机App Mine, from discovery to closure, and to ensure the environment is maintained and enhanced for current and future generations.

Our sustainability ethos is based on our “Zero Harm” environmental policy.



Community is at the heart of the mg游戏手机App ethos.

We are partnered with local communities to solve regional challenges, including underemployment. And we have established a working group with the municipal and provincial governments and leading consultants to solve multiple local issues.

We maintain consultation and engagement with our local communities through Community Consultation Forums, and we maintain and encourage dialogue with residents and local business owners.

It is important to us that we provide opportunities for employees to gain important, transferable skills that will benefit the people and the region for the longer term.



At mg游戏手机App, we are committed to the safety of our employees and contractors above all else. We have attracted to our team highly talented individuals who think outside the box. We are all owners. We value what we are building, and the people who are working alongside us to that end. As we build a multi-generational growth company in Red Lake, we are also growing a culture. One that is already rich in mining history, but which will grow richer over generations as we pursue our vision of a long-life mining company.

And all of this will be underpinned by a sustainable, modern, and environmentally forward-thinking approach to development.


Health and Safety

mg游戏手机App is fully committed to the safety, well-being, and health of our employees, contractors, and stakeholders, above all else.

To achieve a Zero-Harm workplace, mg游戏手机App:

mg游戏手机App will continue to take an approach to Health and Safety which places importance on planning for safe work, anticipating potential hazards, and preparing for any potential emergencies. By regularly reviewing our safety protocols and objectives, we work together with our employees and contractors to ensure that best practices for health and safety are implemented across the board. We communicate and engage with our employees, contractors, and stakeholders in order to continually assess and revise all protocols and ensure that our objectives are being met and exceeded.


Message to Our Community

Project Agreement For The mg游戏手机App Mine